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Dove la vita è arte.

For the first time in Italy

Marillion Weekend

Padua, April 28-29, 2023

Gran Teatro Geox

Marillion Weekend is now a real brand exported all over the world: in Canada, Chile, Holland, Poland, Sweden, Portugal, Great Britain, just to name a few of the countries in which it is positioned and the brand is now well known. Which now, finally, also arrives in Italy!

Absolute protagonist the biggest band of the second generation of Prog-Rock, which will meet fans from all over the world. Two unreleased shows, which have the distinction of being two different shows, with completely different setlists.

With over 40 years of honored career behind them, 30 million albums sold all over the world and a passionate fan base, Marillion, led by Steve Hogarth, over the years have been able to maintain their role as a leader in the international Prog scene, thanks to their their extraordinary timeless hits, concerts all over the world. After 6 years from the last recording project, this year Marillion have released "An Hour Before It's Dark", the band's latest masterpiece album, which reaffirms the period of glory they are experiencing and their will, as well as need, to remain authentic and faithful to their music, sharp, refined, without feeling the weight of the passage of time.

Their concerts translate into unique, unforgettable and unmistakable experiences.

Regarding the live dimension of their artistic activity, says Steve Hogarth:

"The concert is my favorite aspect of my work. The ability to share a state of mind with those who understand my words and, consequently, me too, even when they don't know English. Fans are so attached to our music that before concerts they read and deepen the words: few artists can boast such a personal relationship with their audience. I had the privilege of playing in front of 80,000 people but also in front of 200. I appreciated it in the same way".

Marillion are among the most credible standard bearers of rock in recent decades: they cross stylistic frontiers, climb the international charts and continue to animate the passion of the public, which supports them in their musical adventures (also through crowfunding activities).


Gran Teatro Geox
Via Giuseppe Tassinari, 1
35129 Padua PD


friday - riccardo romano land


friday night

7 pm - main hall doors open

8 pm - riccardo romano land

9:15 pm - marillion

saturday night

7 pm - main hall doors open

8 pm - An Audience With Marillion

9:15 pm - marillion