marillion sounds

05/07/2014, 13:26

  • ma questo sounds o come cavolo si chiama contiene roba riregistrata per il mercato sudamericano o è una raccolta di pezzi già editi?
    non sono riuscito a capire se vale la pena di comperarlo o meno...
    grazie per le eventuali delucidazioni!
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05/07/2014, 16:36

  • Credo sia tutto ri-registrato, nessun grosso cambiamento ma una rinfrescata ai suoni, mentre Kayleigh è cantata ex-novo da H, credo su base originale, ma non ne sono certo...ti allego un commento di un tizio...spero ti sono curioso di averlo in effetti:
    For the anoraks the differences I've spotted so far:

    Cover My Eyes:
    "Connected and ready to play" is sung like the live versions, with new keyboard bleep added! (technical terms)
    2nd verse of CME, they remixed in the loud 'crash' at the start of the verse a little, like the Mike Stone remix.
    Solo is like the album, and a slightly heavier tone.

    EASTER - differing vocal on the verses, wonderful it is too. Solo sounds more 'live', strings and keys the same.
    End section...H vocal sounds a bit further back in the mix here, not sure I could make out the words if I didn't already know them (recorded in Dobly ? :)) )
    Higher string part more prominent in the closing moments

    From the moment I heard the Argentinian tv version I preferred H singing this song. And I do here. Again I think his vocal could be a touch more upfront though. It sounds more 'live' again too, no bad thing. Solo is the edited version, booo, but better for radio play eh?!

    V slightly more prominent pad sound from Mark in the opening.
    "Hopelessly weak" - sung shorter, slightly new emphasis.
    Solo guitar tone is heavier.
    Backing vox present from the first bar of the last chorus unlike the original.

    The best of the bunch, brought tears to my eyes first time I heard it. Lovely new singing and emphasis from H - sounds 'looser' in the verses. Bass sounds more prominent, and is superb. Chorus is as wonderful as ever.

    The most remarkable thing is how they pretty much nailed these songs note-for-note. If you listen to live performances now they occasionally omit/re-work things based on their looser memory of songs (understandable, all bands do it) but here it's all perfect. I know they hated doing it, but I'd really like to hear more
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06/07/2014, 15:29

  • mmmmmmmmm.....KAYLEIGH cantata da Hogarth : quasi quasi la utilizzo per torturare a morte un paio di fans dei vecchi Marillion che conosco. Per loro sarebbe un'accoppiata devastante . Melooooooooooooniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Bytooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor, venite qua da Fabiuccio vostro , che ha un bel regalino...
    Davide: le manette, grazie.
    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
    Well do you remember a time when you thought you belonged to something more than you? A country that cared for you, a national anthem you could sing without feeling used or ashamed You, poor sods, have only yourselves to blame.
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10/07/2014, 12:37

  • grazie mille, penso che lo comprerò,
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